Vashali Maria

It is that time …

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Hit The Deck

LIFE opined in 1965, is “the most exhilarating and dangerous joyriding device this side of the hot rod. A two-foot piece of wood or plastic mounted on wheels, it yields to the skillful user the excitements of of skiing or surfing. To the unskilled it gives the effect of having stepped on a banana peel while dashing down the back stairs. It is also a menace to limb and even to life.”

Anonymous asked: LOL ahahahaha u used to drink it by the gallons. I should have told u it was me asking the question! B.L.G. What's good lil Mamma? I lost ur e-mail address and I was thinking about u today so I googled u. Sorry if I'm a ghost on the internet.

no problem - the most pleasant of surprises

Anonymous asked: its gardiner_blair at yahoo if u ever want to chat btw....I moved out of the city couple weeks ago and was thinking about all the good memories I have. U and ur relationship gingy was one of them. Hope ur good Shali!

where did you move?! I am also so thankful to have spent time knowing you and really hope you stay in touch (and drink more gingerale!!!)

Anonymous asked: How much do u like Gingerale?

So so so so …sooooo very much! Gingy Rocks